Home Maintenance

Interior painting
Exterior painting
Drywall repair
Trim painting
Gutter cleaning
Window cleaning
Door & window screens
Toilet replacement
Replacing old outlets
Ceiling fans
Ceiling lights
Demolition & haul away
Wood floor refinishing
General home repair

Home Resources


Property Maintenance

Fall leaf clean-up
Seasonal yard maintenance
Mulching & top soil spreading
Brush clearing
Hedge trimming
Lawn fertilizing
Grass seeding

Fence, Deck & Patio

Power washing
Mold & mildew removal
Staining & sealing
Minor repairs

Energy Efficiency

Crawl space insulation
Attic insulation

Additional Service Offerings

To-Do List

Have a bunch of small jobs that are piling up?  Hanging pictures, squeaky door, wobbly kitchen chair... Make a list and schedule a visit.  I will work quickly and efficiently to check them off your list.  

Need a Hand?

For some do-it-yourself jobs an extra set of hands can not only get the job done quicker, it can be safer than taking it on yourself.  If you need a hand completing your DIY project, give me a call.

Lawn Sitting

Going on vacation and leaving your lawn unattended can mean more work when you return.  I take pride in keeping my own lawn cut and manicured on a weekly bases.  Don't let vacation set you back.  A lawn sitting visit while your away will ensure that when you return the lawn you work hard to maintain is well cared for.  It's babysitting for your lawn.     

Refinishing and Repairs

Inside or outside, furniture eventually needs repair to stand-up to weather and use.  It's a time consuming task that somehow always gets pushed further and further down the list.  Smaller repairs can be made on site, while larger jobs can be done in my workshop and brought back to you complete and ready to enjoy.
Wood, metal, wicker patio furniture
Kitchen chairs & tables
Dressers & bedroom furniture

Vacation Homes

If your home away from home needs seasonal maintenance and repairs, I can help.  Whether it's opening-up for the season, or regular visits to ensure that when you arrive everything is ready to enjoy; no call is too small.  Let me help you keep the "vacation", in your vacation home.    

Selling Your Home

Any realtor will tell you that prepping your home to sell is extremely important to a successful listing. Cleaning, painting, drywall repair, lawn clean-up, flower beds, hedge trimming, minor repairs, and more...  With my help you can make an excellent first impression.  It's well worth the investment.